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the next energy revolution


We are in a new industrial revolution, characterized by a stronger focus on creativity and a common purpose towards building a better planet, achieved through ethical technological development, and the adoption of power sources that are 100% sustainable, underpinned by millions of individuals acting in concert globally, who will have a say in how we shape our energy consumption.

The Fifth Industrial Revolution 

Enerev5 is an innovative company focused on supplying critical battery metals - nickel, copper, cobalt, and more - from global sources into mobile device, electric vehicle, and grid energy storage markets. Enerev5 focuses on projects in mining friendly and politically stable jurisdictions.

Enerev5 is also exploring the potential of minerals for carbon capture and sequestration, and for carbon credit initiatives, as part of specific carbon programs toward a net zero future.

The Company currently has two major nickel exploration projects, both in Quebec - Barbara Bay and Goals Met.  

Please see our Projects section for details. 

Enerev5 Metals empowers the next energy revolution

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