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Enerev5 Metals focuses on exploration and development potential related to energy metals such as nickel, copper, cobalt and other strategic battery minerals, and the Company's increasing focus on projects in mining friendly and politically stable jurisdictions.

Energy Metals Projects

The Company currently has two major nickel exploration projects both in Quebec - Barbara Bay and Goals Met.    

Barbara Bay

The Company initially acquired through staking by arms length stakers of 447 mining claims comprising approximately 24,000 ha in the Province of Quebec.

This initial claim was expanded by way of an agreement between the Company and arms-length parties to acquire a 100% interest in 171 mining claims comprising approximately 9,234 hectares in Quebec.


Barbara Bay now totals 33,200 hectares of contiguous claims.

With Barbara Bay the Company has staked almost the entire contact of an anorthosite intrusion that has strong similarities to that of the Go Metals HSP project. There are several historic showings of copper, nickel and cobalt at the interpreted contact which is derived from a high resolution magnetic and EM survey flown in the 1990s. There are several EM conductors at the contact. The strategy is to re-fly the intrusion using modern technology and to setup a direct drilling program that could commence this summer.

Goals Met

The Goals Met claims were acquired through the staking of 135 mining claims in the Province of Quebec using arms-length stakers. 

Goals Met now comprises approximately 7,290 hectares.

The Company will release more information regarding the geo-significance of both the Barbara Bay and Goals Met properties when available.

Other Projects

The Company is assessing several potential future projects in parallel with Barbara Bay and Goals Met. While at different stages of due diligence, as yet no transaction has been concluded, so it is not possible to provide specific details on these prospects.

However, in general, these potential project options include strategic battery metals as well as carbon sequestration minerals, in politically stable and mining friendly jurisdictions in Canada and elsewhere.

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